HotScot Project


Date: July – Nov 2020
Location: Scotland-wide
Client: Academic (publically-funded)
Stage: Funding Acquisition

TownRock Energy (TRE) are a key contributor to the HotScot project, which will develop plans to tap the geothermal potential of flooded coal mines in Scotland’s central belt. The HotScot consortium, led by the University of Strathclyde, includes the British Geological Survey and the Coal Authority and aims to deliver an equivalent economic growth of £303 million.

Working as part of the diverse private, public and academic consortium, TRE gathered information on all potential minewater thermal heating and cooling projects in Scotland’s central belt by inviting project leads to pitch to the consortium. The experienced team at TRE devised a tool to categorise projects to better understand each projects size, stage of development and the scope of the potential market in Scotland. This process was completed to support the writing of the funding application.

As one of the 17 shortlisted submissions from across the UK, the HotScot consortium submitted their full stage bid in November 2020 to compete for £32 million of the UK Research and Innovation Strength in Place Fund. .