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TownRock Energy are a specialist geothermal energy consultancy. We have the skills to help you understand the renewable heating and / or cooling opportunities available from the ground underneath your site. We can assess how strong the commercial case is for installing a geothermal energy system; and we can help you select the right contractors and ensure that the best type and size of system is installed, maximising quality whilst minimising cost.

Core Services

We work with a diverse and wide array of clients, so our services are customised to fit each client’s needs. At the same time, we apply a consistent approach to our site evaluations in a phased process that minimises risk and maximises the client’s return on investment.

Phase 1. Basic Site Evaluation We can help you discover if you have a geothermal resource beneath your site, for free. 1–2 weeks
Phase 2. Pre-feasibility Study High-level assessment of business case and identification of grant funding sources. 2–4 weeks
Phase 3. Feasibility Study We will deliver the subsurface and surface engineering, legislative, ownership and economic feasibility, with risk register. This phase also includes regulatory engagement and funding acquisition 4–16 weeks
Phase 4. Investment Grade Business Case We will prepare a comprehensive business case, covering all aspects expected by an internal or external investment audience, to help you secure a mix of capital funding for the project. 8–24 weeks
Phase 5. Construction Once capital is secured the wells can be drilled, and the surface infrastructure installed. We will contribute project and stakeholder management at this stage to ensure the project remains on time and budget. 6–18 months
Phase 6. Operation We will ensure the project continues to operate smoothly during its lifetime, and will budget for, and manage, operations and maintenance activities so that the project remains profitable through its full life cycle. 25–50+ years

Additional Services

Water Source Evaluations
Is your water well or open-loop ground source heat pump not performing as expected? We can identify the problem by assessing sustainable flow rate, borehole temperature variations, water chemistry, pump performance and other issues, and offer a solution to improve your well / borehole.

Ground-source Heat Pump Improvement
Has your closed loop ground-source heat pump not been performing as expected? We can help find identify the problem, and where possible design a cost-effective solution.

Thermal Conductivity Laboratory
Housed in the University of St Andrews, we own a tool which can measure the thermal conductivity of any rock or sample of unconsolidated material, which can be applied to better design a ground-source heat pump or diagnose problems with an existing ground-source system.

Building Energy Demand Modelling
For an existing or new commercial building, our technical experts can model the seasonal thermal energy demands, to predict the size and cost of heating and cooling generation required. We can then talk you through a number of renewable energy options and help you balance the installation and running costs with the environmental, economic and social benefits.

If you want your buildings energy supply and demand to stop harming the planet and your wallet, get in touch with our team today.