TownRock Energy

For renewable heat, look beneath your feet™

Founded in 2013 by David Townsend, TownRock Energy Limited is an award-winning geothermal energy consultancy based in Edinburgh, Scotland and is the leading specialist in all aspects of the UK’s geothermal resources. The Company’s mission is to access the abundant geothermal energy of the earth’s subsurface to provide zero-carbon, 24-hour renewable heating and cooling to industrial, commercial and domestic energy users.

We are a passionate, innovative and diverse company that strives to minimise the energy industry’s negative impact on the environment. We support all sustainable and safe methods of non-fossil low carbon energy generation to help mitigate the detrimental effects of climate change.

Geothermal energy technology is a relatively new path to unlocking clean energy and is often poorly appreciated or understood. Our small dedicated team prides itself in taking a clear and strategic approach to assisting clients and partners realise the value of the geological asset beneath their site.

Our Team

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Company Directors

David Townsend
Managing Director

With nearly a decade of geothermal energy leadership experience, working at the interface between the private, public and academic sectors, David brings extensive understanding of the technical, financial, political, and environmental aspects of the global geothermal energy sector. He has managed numerous geothermal and ground-source energy projects from pre-feasibility stage through to drilling and testing. He draws on his practical experience to help clients unlock the valuable geological assets beneath their sites, to eliminate waste and carbon emissions.

John Naismith
Engineering Director

John's experience includes open- and closed-loop ground and water heat pump systems, and deeper geothermal systems. This follows on from over 30 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry where he held senior technical, asset management, operations and project roles. This allows him to offer specialised advice on geothermal afterlife for oil and gas wells. His technical focus areas include reservoir engineering, thermal reservoir and well modelling, and integration of TownRock's subsurface work to above ground solutions.

Phil Townsend
Subsurface Director

After 30 years’ in the oil and gas industry Phil joined TownRock Energy in 2013 to bring his skills to geothermal heat exploration and development. His prior experience covers a broad spectrum from technical and leadership roles in frontier exploration geology around the globe; to North Sea asset management of fields at peak production and in development. He brings significant expertise in subsurface opportunity evaluation, describing and managing uncertainty and risk, drilling options, and project and venture management.

Claire MacLeod
Non-Executive Director

Following a long and varied career in corporate and energy law Claire was a co-founder and legal director for the innovative oil and gas energy services company ADIL for 10 years. She provides support and business experience to young entrepreneurial companies, in particular with corporate governance and contractual issues. She has been involved with TownRock Energy since the company's inception in 2013.

TownRock Team

Richard Bates
Geophysics Associate

Richard is an applied geophysicist with a very extensive and wide array of projects in his portfolio. He specialises in the application of high resolution geophysical survey techniques for near surface investigations and the use of geophysics in a multi-disciplinary team approach to environmental problem solving. His main focus is in the field of near surface, high resolution terrestrial geophysics, which include, but are certainly not limited to, groundwater investigations, climate change impact and the evaluation of near surface bedrock and sediments for both closed and open loop ground source heat pump systems. He has a particular interest in the utilisation of geological structures for the storage of energy which he predicts will have an important role to play in the future renewable energy mix. The wide array of geophysical tools he is so familiar applying is invaluable to understanding the energy potential of shallow geothermal resources as well as the feasibility of geological storage sites.

Johnathan Bellarby
Geothermal Well Design Associate

Jonathan has over 25 years of technical experience with the emphasis on well and completion design – initially associated with oil and gas production. Jonathan also started up his own renewable energy company, focussing on groundloop heatpump consulting and installation – ICE Energy. The combination of oilfield and heatpump modelling and installation experience provides the technical background and insight into heat transfer and associated completion designs for geothermal and heatpump wells – both shallow and deep. Jonathan is passionate about promoting low carbon energy and also consults and teaches in activities such as deep geothermal wells for electricity power generation and carbon capture and storage well design.

Dr Steve Cuddy
Petrophysics Associate

Steve is a highly sought after petrophysicist who has had a long and prosperous career in the oil and gas industry. He has worked extensively for Schlumberger, BP and Baker Hughes and is also director of a small consultancy Petro-Innovations Ltd. Steve is an Artificial Intelligence Pioneer and is the inventor of the FOIL Function on how to use Fractals to understand the fluid distribution within hydrocarbon reservoirs. His areas of expertise include the quality control and repair of wireline and LWD electrical logs, saturation-height (FOIL) modelling, electro-facies modelling (Fuzzy Logic) and permeability prediction. He enjoys new and challenging geological energy projects and is excited to apply his knowledge and experience to the prospecting of deep aquifers for geothermal energy.