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TownRock Energy Supports the HotScot Project

TownRock Energy are greatly involved in supporting the HotScot project, which will develop plans to tap the geothermal potential of flooded coal mines in Scotland. The UK Government-backed project will demonstrate to private sector investors the commercial potential of low-cost and low-emissions heating, cooling and heat storage for both businesses and communities. The HotScot consortium, led by the University of Strathclyde, includes the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, the…

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Edinburgh Sustainable Innovation Conference

The UK is finally entering the race to decarbonise heat, in last place among the European countries. There are several well established renewable heating technologies, but with geographical dependencies for natural thermal resources, and decision making being driven by a balance between carbon, cost and security, implementing enough technologies fast enough is a major challenge. In this intimate boardroom session, Dave Townsend and Dave Pearson will pitch their pioneering renewable…

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How hydraulic-stimulation for geo-thermal energy is different from fracking for shale gas

We have recently published an article on Scottish Energy News to bring some deeper insight to the fracking debate, and fend off suggestions that the Scottish Government's moratorium on fracking is a major hindrance to the development of Scotland's deep geothermal resources. We do not think it is. Shale gas and geothermal are not to be confused!

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