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We are delighted to be leading this exciting project which seeks to understand the feasibility of capturing waste heat, such as from data centres, and redirecting it towards homes using the abandoned mine workings below Edinburgh.

Galleries to Calories (G2C) is a £2.6m funded pilot project which brings together industry, academic and national research partners from Scotland, USA and Ireland. The project demonstrates for the first time the use of legacy mine workings as heat storage and transport networks, with the ultimate longer-term aim of using this excess heat to provide heating to homes and businesses.

By studying the feasibility of this in the extensive legacy mine workings southeast of Edinburgh, we will also be able to assess the potential for this to be applied in European and US coal and mineral mines.

As well as exploring the technological requirements, we are also investigating the legal aspects of subsurface heat ownership to develop an equitable, sustainable business model for the future.

This exciting three year project is just part of our wider vision for low-carbon heating and cooling.

You can read more about the project here.