Geothermal Feasibility Study for a Resort Development


Date: February 2023 – June 2023
Location: Croatia
Client: Private
Stage: Feasibility study

TRE have conducted a feasibility study on available low carbon heating and cooling options for a resort development in Croatia. This study included an assessment of the local geology and considered the ground source, seawater source and air source heat pump technologies for multiple archetypes at the resort. Our findings identified that both ground source and air source options were necessary for further technical modelling, depending on the archetype considered. TRE then carried out dynamic energy modelling and closed loop borehole modelling on a particular archetype to obtain an accurate concept design for a subsequent techno-economic assessment. Comparing ground source and air source options, TRE identified for this project, that the ground source heat pump will recoup its capital costs between years 7 and 12  of operation when compared to an equivalent air source heat pump due to its operational advantages over air source. This finding, along with other key considerations, has resulted in TRE recommending ground source heat pumps as the preferred technology for most of the archetypes at the development, subject to a trial borehole investigation.