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UK Geothermal Symposium Innovation Award – the BODYHEAT project

By November 28, 2022April 12th, 2024No Comments
Awards given to the four winners at the UK Geothermal Symposium

November 2022 saw the UK’s 9th Geothermal Symposium in the Geological Society, Piccadilly, London. The first UKGS to be stretched across two days, the event was buzzing with the heightened number of projects and companies growing across the community. Members of Parliament, the UK Geothermal community and investment groups were in greater attendance than ever before. As part of the conference, 4 awards were gifted to talented projects and individuals who are at the forefront of this.

The awards, sponsored by UKRI through the GWatt project, encapsulate the spirit of ‘UK Geothermal’, with their components representing different aspects that make up ‘geothermal’:

  • Their acorn-like shape: To remind us that great things can grow from small, hard-won ideas.
  • A layer of rock chips (here granite) surrounding blue filaments: To represent water moving through rock, and which acts as a medium to transfer the subsurface heat to surface plant.
  • A few gas bubbles: To remind us that water is not the only fluid in the systems.
  • The machined swirl in the recess of the wooden bases: To remind us of both the importance of engineering which needs to go hand-in-hand with geological/hydrogeological aspects to create a successful geothermal operation. Plus, being of wood, reminds us of the important renewable aspects of geothermal energy.

Of the 4 awards gifted, the BODYHEAT project won the Innovation Award!

BODYHEAT is a world-first product for allowing nightclub customers to become a source of renewable energy, bringing in the ‘human connection’. The system uses innovative technology, utilising the heat generated by nightclub goers through capturing, storing and repurposing the thermal energy, creating a net zero carbon heating solution.

The system has captured the imagination of people worldwide, receiving many media hits including several BBC articles, a New York Times feature and many more.

TownRock is extremely grateful to have received recognition for the BODYHEAT project as the most innovative UK geothermal project this year. Together, with support from M&E consultants Harley Haddow and client-owner SWG3, TownRock are delighted to have built, commissioned, and successfully decarbonised the famous Glasgow arts and events venue and look forward to developing more BODYHEAT systems for future venues, both domestically and internationally.