Dollar Sustainable Community Housing Project


Date: Mar 2018 – present
Location: Clackmannanshire, Scotland
Client: Private Sector
Stage: Pre-feasibility, Funding Acquisition, Feasibility, Drilling

TRE were commissioned by Harviestoun Home Farm to evaluate the potential for a minewater thermal system to supply heating and cooling for a prospective housing development of 200 units. Other renewable technologies were recommended by TRE consultants as part of an integrated ‘smart’ system including micro-hydro, solar PV, and solar thermal.

After successful funding acquisition by TRE and academic partners from the Universities of Glasgow and Strathclyde, Scotland’s first commercial drilling into flooded coal mines occurred. The project seeks to provide a model for affordable, low-carbon, heating for ex-mining communities across the UK and illustrates a valuable opportunity to turn commercial risks into gains.

The housing development is currently in the final phases of Provisional Planning Permission with the expectation for construction to begin in 2022/23. Drilling was completed in December 2020 with data collection from five research wells on-going for at least one year. The drilling and research have been made possible by funding and support from the Energy Technology Partnership (ETP), the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), TownRock Energy and Harviestoun Home Farm.