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District heating is a no brainer, say new project statistics from Glasgow: [From Scottish Energy News]

“The Perth-based energy firm SSE has published a new report making the case for increased use of district heating to help combat heating efficiency and affordability.

The report – ‘Sustainable Heating: Reducing Costs, Improving Comfort and Lowering Carbon Emissions‘ – found that one retrofit project at the Wyndford housing scheme in Glasgow has delivered a 62% reduction inCO2 emissions since it was installed in 2012.

The results also show that lives have significantly improved, comfort has increased, and jobs and economic value have been created. Working with the University of Edinburgh the report concluded:
• 81% of tenants and 90% of owners said they felt warmer with the new heating system;
• 60% fewer tenants and 80% fewer owners reported going to bed early to keep warm;
• Tenants cutting back on food expenditure fell 50%;
• Tenants borrowing money for heating fell 60%; and
• Tenants putting off paying other bills fell 40%.
Construction of the scheme also delivered a £10 million boost to UK GDP, supporting 176 job-years of employment.”