Edinburgh Sustainable Innovation Conference

The UK is finally entering the race to decarbonise heat, in last place among the European countries. There are several well established renewable heating technologies, but with geographical dependencies for natural thermal resources, and decision making being driven by a balance between carbon, cost and security, implementing enough technologies fast … Continue reading

New Year = New Chapter for Town Rock Energy!

We have been accepted onto a 6 month business accelerator program with Entrepreneurial Spark – “The world’s largest business accelerator for early stage and growing ventures”. This means we’ll be relocating into new offices at the RBS Gogarburn headquarters on the 7th of February. Our current office community – The … Continue reading

World’s Hottest Borehole

Iceland Deep Drilling Project (IDDP) are drilling into the hottest borehole in the world in Iceland. All of our fingers and toes are crossed that this project is a massive success. This may be the dawn of a new geothermal energy era. Read the full article here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-38296251

How Geothermal Energy Works – 3D Animation

Following our recent trade mission to East Africa (photos to come), here is a nice video which explains simply how a geothermal power plant works, such as the ones currently operating in Kenya and planned for development in Tanzania. https://vimeo.com/173757184

Fife Geothermal Website Launch

Fife Geothermal (FG) is an organisation that we are members of and support enthusiastically. FG is working to deliver hot water in Fife from the abundant low temperature geothermal resources there. The website has gone live! Check it out at http://fifegeothermal.com/ . We are proud of our IT Consultant Maciej’s for creating … Continue reading

Good News from Glasgow

District heating is a no brainer, say new project statistics from Glasgow: [From Scottish Energy News] “The Perth-based energy firm SSE has published a new report making the case for increased use of district heating to help combat heating efficiency and affordability. The report – ‘Sustainable Heating: Reducing Costs, Improving … Continue reading